I am a well-respected integrated practitioner in Chinese and alternative therapies. Holding a BSc in Oriental Medicines, I am trained nationally and internationally in many disciplines and has assisted on Cranial Sacral Training courses both in South Africa and Israel with the internationally renowned Upledger Institute.

“Sharon provides a truly professional and friendly service. All four members of the family have benefited from Sharon’s expertise at some point, with remarkable success. She has treated us for back and joint pain, sinusitis, sports injuries, whiplash injury after a car accident. Treatments are varied according to need and very effective!” M. Davis

I hold a strong belief in the mind – body connection which has allowed me to provide a unique blending of Oriental Medicine, Cranial Sacral Therapies and neuro-linguistic programming. Thus, my clients are always ensured a bespoke treatment designed to the individual’s needs.


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Member of British Complementary Register of Practitioners
Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine